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Run [:ImapTest/Tests:command/reply tests] from a given directory: Run [[ImapTest/ScriptedTests|scripted tests]] from a given directory:

ImapTest Examples


./imaptest host= port=143 user=testuser pass=testpass mbox=dovecot.mbox

Test IMAP server compliancy:

./imaptest checkpoint=1
./imaptest checkpoint=1 logout=0 expunge=10
./imaptest checkpoint=1 rawlog no_pipelining
./imaptest own_msgs expunge=5 logout=1
./imaptest own_flags expunge=5 logout=1
./imaptest logout=0 search=100 expunge=10 clients=1

If you want to do benchmarking, you can set it to run for specified amount of time, and you should also give random number generator the same seed every time:

./imaptest seed=123 secs=300

If you want to test/benchmark only the login+logout speed, use:

./imaptest - select=0

To create a lot of long-running clients doing STATUS and NOOPs:

./imaptest clients=100 - logout=0 status=50 noop=50 delay=100

Benchmarking how fast messages can be saved:

./imaptest - append=100,0 logout=0 msgs=10000000

To test copying messages:

./imaptest copybox=Trash

By default LOGIN command is used. If you want to try AUTHENTICATE PLAIN:

./imaptest auth=100

Run scripted tests from a given directory:

./imaptest test=tests rawlog

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