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= IMAP Server Tester =

ImapTest is a generic IMAP server compliancy tester that works with all IMAP servers. It supports:

 * [[ImapTest/TestFeatures|Stress testing with state tracking]]. ImapTest sends random commands to the server and verifies that server's output looks correct.
 * [[ImapTest/ScriptedTests|Scripted testing]] where it runs a list of predefined scripted tests and verifies that server returns expected output.
 * [[Benchmarking]]

== Table of Contents ==

 * [[ImapTest/Installation|Installation]]
 * [[ImapTest/Running|Running]]
  * [[ImapTest/Examples|Examples]]
 * [[ImapTest/States|States]] that can be used for stress testing
 * [[ImapTest/ScriptedTests|Scripted Testing Configuration]]
 * [[ImapTest/TestFeatures|Supported tests]]
 * [[ImapTest/ServerStatus|IMAP Server Compliancy Status]]
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