Running ImapTest

The most important parameters (and their defaults) are:

Other useful parameters include:

Selecting what to test:


ImapTest doesn't currently support TLS/SSL directly, but you can use stunnel for creating a tunnel for imaps:

Create a stunnel configuration file:

cat > testhost.conf

Then run stunnel testhost.conf Then use imaptest host= port=14300.

Append mbox

When saving messages, imaptest needs to get the messages from somewhere. mbox=path parameter specifies path to a file in mbox format that's used. Messages are sequentially appended from there. Once imaptest reaches the last message, it wraps back to appending the first message.

Currently imaptest's state tracking expects that Message-IDs are unique within the mbox, otherwise it gives bogus errors. If you really want to avoid changing the Message-IDs, use no_tracking setting to disable state tracking.

You can get a test mbox file from for example It's a 10MB file containing messages from Dovecot mailing list with unique Message-ID headers.

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